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Core Course Equivalents for Private or Out-of-State Courses  

Coordinating Board Rules (July 2006) state that:

For students who transfer to a public institution from a college or university that is not a Texas public institution of higher education, evaluation of the courses the student completed prior to admission should apply to the fulfillment of the core curriculum component areas only those courses the institution has accepted for transfer that can demonstrate fulfillment of the exemplary educational objectives for the appropriate component area or areas. 

NOTE: This process is not needed for students who complete core courses in Texas public institutions. 

To implement this rule at TWU: 

1.     Students who transfer to a public institution from a college or university that is not a Texas public institution of higher education will submit transfer transcripts/ courses to TWU Student Records for evaluation; course equivalencies will be identified and entered on the TWU transcript. If courses that students want to use for core credit have direct equivalency with TWU CORE courses, they will be accepted for core in the area of the core where they are approved at TWU. 

2.     If courses do not have direct equivalencies, they are recorded as “Title” classes by Student Records. Students must then request/propose acceptance of individual classes for core credit for specific core areas and must submit to the advisor course descriptions and syllabi for these courses. 

3.     The student's academic advisor will complete a Core/Global Evaluation form for students from private or out-of-state institutions. This requires approval by the office of Undergraduate Studies and Academic Partnerships based on a review of the related Core Curriculum Exemplary Learning Objectives and the student’s course description/syllabi and transcript. Approval may be expressed electronically [email] if the form and course descriptions and syllabi for these courses are attached. 

4.     The Office of Undergraduate Studies’ decision is reported in writing to the Registrar’s Office and to the originator of the request. To assure the classes are recorded for core, students should attach the approval to the degree plan.


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