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Early Warning System for Retention

Implemented Fall 2008

Updated 5/25/11


Monday of the 5th Week of Classes (long semesters):

Instructors of all classes are asked by the Registrar to submit online the grade status of students who are in danger of failing the course (D or F).  Instructors should not submit grades for ALL students, just those in danger of not passing. Their grades, participation/attendance, and activities can be considered as important indicators.

No grades are posted or disclosed to students, staff, or advisers, but a “D” or “F” entered by the student’s name triggers the generic warning with an indicator of which classes are being warned. 

Note: This is NOT the same as mid-term warnings; it is intended to warn students before mid-term.

The Registrar sends out a standard message via email (below) to those students inviting them to talk to their instructors and/or advisers about how to improve their grades AND to USE TUTORING CENTERS.  Email is used due to the large number of students [usually 600 or more] to whom the message is sent.

After the message is sent, instructors of freshmen should go over the message with students so they understand it.  This is a standard way of helping students to pass their courses, and to stay on course at TWU.

Friday of the 5th Week of Classes (long semesters):

Undergraduate Studies sends a list of all students, by major with contact information, who were warned will be sent to the deans and advisers for their use in contacting students.


[Message to Students from Registrar]

Early Warning

Because we care about you and your success, TWU is sending you an “Early Warning.”  This is an indication that you may be in danger of failing unless your work or attendance improves.  It is critical that you prepare for your mid-term exams and your final exams in order to successfully complete your courses.

Carefully read through this email and seek help. 

  1. To identify the instructor(s) you need to contact, look for an "X" in the Grade 1 column of your grades by accessing your Pioneer Portal at the following link:
  2. Discuss any study difficulties you are experiencing with your course instructor. 
  3. Contact one of the following university support services that can offer advice and assistance for you as soon as possible.

·      Meet with an Academic Advisor to discuss improving your work; you can find the advisor for your major online at:

·      Use learning assistance, such as The Write Site (898-2341), Science Learning Resource Center or SLRC (898-2553), or Mathematics and Technology Success Center (898-2169);

·      Contact the Student Health Services (898-3826) or your doctor, who can assist you if you have developed a medical condition during the semester;

·      Review services provided by the Disability Support Services (898-3835) if you have a hearing impairment, vision impairment, long-term medical condition, learning disability, neurological impairment, physical impairment, or condition relating to mental health; and

·      Seek assistance from the Counseling Center (898-3801) if you think personal or other issues may be affecting your level of achievement.

Again, since this is an “Early Warning” you have time to make a difference in your semester.  You are receiving this email because the staff and faculty at TWU care about you and your success.

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