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Classes are scheduled with a ten-minute break between class periods to avoid the possibility of conflicts.

In some instances, practica and laboratories are listed separately and must be registered for separately. Please refer to the course listings in this schedule for specific course information, including corequisite and prerequisite requirements.

A corequisite is a course required to be taken simultaneously with another. If a course has a corequisite, the online registration system will prompt you to register for the corequisite course.

A prerequisite is a course that must be completed prior to registering for another.

Please check the TWU General Catalog or Graduate Catalog for prerequisite information.

TWU courses are identified by a subject abbreviation, a four-digit course number and a two-digit section number. For example, for ENG 1013.01, ENG is the subject abbreviation for English, 1013 is the course number for Composition I and 01 is the section num­ber. Each course has a five-digit course code that is used with Web Advisor in the Pioneer Portal system.

Note: Course titles may change in the schedule of classes.

Students must consult with an adviser or instructor before completing registration in independent study, individual study, practicum, professional paper, the­sis, or dissertation. These courses are identified by the section number 0.

Texas Woman’s University seeks to provide reason­able accommodation for all qualified individuals with disabilities. This University will adhere to all applicable federal, state and local laws, regulations, and guidelines with respect to providing reasonable accommodations as required to afford equal educa­tional opportunity. It is the student’s responsibility to register with Disability Support Services and to contact the faculty in a timely manner to arrange for appropriate accommodations.

Abbreviation Key

Day Code

M Monday

T Tuesday

W Wednesday

TH Thursday

F Friday

MW Monday, Wednesday

TTH Tuesday, Thursday

S Saturday

SU Sunday

MWF Monday, Wednesday, Friday


Building Abbreviations

ART        Art Building

ASB        Arts & Sciences Building

ASSC     Ann Stuart Science Center

CFO        Classroom & Faculty Office Building

DED        Dallas Center

DGL        Dance, Gymnastics, & Human Performance Laboratories

DPH       Dallas Presbyterian Center

GRB       Graduate Research Building

HDB       Human Development Building

IHSH      Institute of Health Sciences – Houston Center

MCL       Multipurpose Classroom Laboratory Building

MUS      Music Building

OMB      Old Main Building

PH          Pioneer Hall

RTC        Redbud Theater Complex

SCI          Science Building

SH           Stoddard Hall

UCD       Universities Center at Dallas

ULB        Undergraduate Laboratory Building

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