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Courses other than health-related courses taught at Parkland and Houston are considered off-campus courses. If you are teaching one of these courses, please view the information below.

Faculty for Off-Campus Courses

Faculty shall be selected and evaluated by equivalent standards, review, and approval procedures used by the institution to select and evaluate faculty responsible for on-campus courses. Faculty for graduate-level courses shall be approved in the same manner as graduate faculty for on-campus courses.

Institutions shall provide training and support to enhance the added skills required of faculty teaching courses through electronic means. The instructor of record shall bear responsibility for the delivery of instruction and for evaluation of student progress.

Approval Process

State rules requires the university to notify other area institutions of the intent to offer courses upper-division and graduate-level off-campus well in advance of the beginning of the class, allowing two months for those institutions to protest potential overlapping of course offerings to the Coordinating Board. The steps below describe how TWU implements this requirement.

  1. At least two to three months before registration for off-campus courses, departments should submit to Dr. Lynda Murphy an email providing the proposed off-campus course name and number, and proposed location information: the site name, address, and zip code. This information, and additional information, is needed by the University Scheduling Office.
  2. Staff in Undergraduate Studies will notify area universities (within 50 mile radius) and the Coordinating Board, and if there are no objections within two months, the course can be offered as requested. If there are protests, we can appeal to the Coordinating Board.
  3. Lower level (1000 and 2000) course are approved annually. Dr. Lynda Murphy coordinates those approvals as well.
  4. All courses must be approved each time they are offered, even if they have been approved at the same location previously.
  5. Courses offered at CHEC do not have to be approved through this process but must be upper-division and must be required for approved degrees offered through CHEC.

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