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Implications to Teaching

If you are teaching two or more sections of the same course, it may make sense to combine the enrollment for both sections into a single course shell in Blackboard. With a single course shell, you can post content in one location. You can also use communication tools like Announcements and Discussion Forums to “write once so that all can read.” Some of you have been creating content, announcements, discussion boards, and other tasks in one shell and then copying these to other shells. Creating a super section using the Roster Merge Tool will save you time with some of these tasks.

How to Combine Sections

First enrollments must be combined outside of Blackboard. The Roster Merge Tool will create a New Merge, combining the section enrollments you select and creating a new Blackboard course shell.

To Combine the Section Enrollments:

1.  Login to Pioneer Portal.

2.  Select My Tools and then select Roster Merge Tool.

3.  To use the Roster Merge Tool, go to Terms and select the upcoming term.

merge image 1 

4.  From the courses listed beneath Courses, select the checkbox next to each course section to be merged

5.  Select New Merge

Roster Merge Image 2

To see if your merge was successful, you will need to return to the Terms menu and select the upcoming term. You will see a new course listed under Master Description. This course contains the enrollments from all sections you selected.

It may take between 4 and 24 hours for the new course to appear in Blackboard. The newly created course will have no content.

To Copy Content into the New Course

1.  In Blackboard, go to the course shell that contains the content.

2.  Go to the Control Panel and expand the Packages and Utilities menu.

3.  Select Course Copy.

Roster Merge Image 3

4.  Enter the Destination Course ID of the new course (where you want to move the content).

5.  Under “Select Course Materials,” select any area(s) that you want to move to your new course.

Roster Merge 4

6.  Under Enrollments, DO NOT include any enrollments in the copy.

7.  Select submit to queue the copy process. You will receive an email when the course copy process is complete.

Roster Merge Image 5

8.  Go to the new course and reorganize the content, if needed.

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