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Some of the presentations are delivered through Bb Collaborate. Please follow the directions below. Other presentations are YouTube videos. All presentations will open in a new window. 
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  2. Enter your name and email address where prompted.
  3. Hit “View Recording.”
  4. The application will download and playback will start automatically.

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Note: Participants will not be able to interact while viewing the presentation. Interaction is only available while participating in a live presentation.

Live to the Desktop Presentations

Teaching and Learning Efficiencies - Making Your Time with the LMS More Meaningful

Time Management: Techniques and Features that Help You Make the Best of Your Time
Presenters: Alli Peterson and Janet Bickel-Burton, TLT Instructional Designers III
Date: February 24, 2014

We have all heard the phrase, “Work smarter, not harder.” You want to be present and active within your course, without being endlessly present and active. Good news, there are ways to increase feedback and minimize course management, without adding hours to your day. Come consider options for inline grading of assignments and discussion boards. Improve understanding of features for organizing your grade book, and learn about a new design which requires fewer clicks and offers more efficiency for group management.

Organization and Efficiency: Simplifying Test Management
Presenter: Dr. Tonya Anderson, TLT Instructional Designer II
Date: March 26, 2014

This session will cover approaches to help you more efficiently organize and manage assessments in Blackboard. We will discuss various methods for simplifying some of the tasks associated with test management. Some of the topics will include how to review student test access information, various ways to export entire tests and customized question sets, and techniques to set exceptions for specific students such as those requiring accommodations and make-up exams. Come join us for these and other approaches to organizing and managing assessments using Blackboard.

Grade Center Statistics: What Can these Numbers Actually Tell Me?
Presenter: Dr. Keith Restine, Associate Director of TLT
Date: April 25, 2014

This session will cover how to read statistical reports available through the Grade Center in Blackboard to help you gauge individual or class progress and fine tune assessments. We will discuss various ways to glean information from Grade Center about individual student performance, class performance and tests. We will then simplify how to interpret that information and how to use it to tweak assessments for the next course offering.

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