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Practice exams for the Texas Exams of Educator Standards (TExES) are offered each semester on the TWU Denton campus. They are an excellent way to receive feedback on your readiness to take the actual state exam and to identify areas needed for additional review. Along with your results you will receive suggestions on your next steps for taking and passing the actual exam. A fee of $20 is required to take a practice exam, unless you are taking the PPR as a requirement for EDUC 3003 or 5133 (no refunds for the test registration). You have several options for taking a practice exam.
  • Practice exams are offered most multiple times throughout the semester.  Please check the schedule for dates and times.  Click here for a schedule of the exact days and times of practice exams. To register for a practice exam, click here. Report to Stoddard Hall 218 ten minutes prior to the beginning time of the practice exam. 
  • If you are currently enrolled in a section of  an EDUC 3003 or 5133 course, you may take the PPR Practice Exam one time at no cost during the semester you are enrolled. Select "tools" in your Pioneer Portal & "Register for Exam"
  • Bilingual Target Language Proficiency Test (BTLPT). The BTLPT exam is limited to only three (3) individuals at a time, due to the format of the exam. For this reason, registrations are not taken online. To register, e-mail the TExES PREP Center ( or call 940-898-2272. 
  • Testing is limited to only ten students at a time. 
  • What Are TExES Practice Exams?   
  • How Is the Fee Used?  
  • Who May Take A Practice Exam? 
  • If you have questions about registering for a TExES practice exam, email or call 940-898-2272.

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