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Benavides, Lewis (Human Resources)

See Full Policy:Background Investigations, Employment and Credential Verifications and Reference Checks
See Full Policy:Campus Access for People With Disabilities
See Full Policy:Emeritus Staff
See Full Policy:Employees Taking TWU Courses
See Full Policy:Employment At Will
See Full Policy:Ethics Policy for Employees
See Full Policy:Extended Leave
See Full Policy:Hiring Temporary, Non-Faculty, Non-Student Employees
See Full Policy:Holiday Schedule and Eligibility
See Full Policy:Interim Pay for Professional and Administrative Staff
See Full Policy:Leave of Absence and Leave Without Pay
See Full Policy:Longevity Pay
See Full Policy:Military Leave
See Full Policy:Nepotism-Employment of Relatives
See Full Policy:Non-Discrimination and Equal Opportunity and Diversity
See Full Policy:Overtime and Compensatory Time for Staff
See Full Policy:Protecting Confidentiality of Social Security Numbers
See Full Policy:Recruitment, Search and Selection for Faculty and Staff
See Full Policy:Sick Leave Pool
See Full Policy:Staff Rehire-Reapplication Policy
See Full Policy:Time Reporting-Faculty, Staff, GA and Hourly Employees
See Full Policy:Training and Development
See Full Policy:Voluntary Benefits
See Full Policy:Workplace Wellness and Exercise Program Policy
See Full Policy:HIPAA Policy

Floyd, Brenda

See Full Policy:Alcoholic Beverages
See Full Policy:Campus Mail Service
See Full Policy:Cellular Communications
See Full Policy:Contract Workforce
See Full Policy:Contracting with Current, Former or Retired Employees
See Full Policy:Drug Policy and Appeal Procedures
See Full Policy:Employee Moving Expenses
See Full Policy:Employing Faculty Residing Outside of the State of Texas
See Full Policy:Financial Reporting to the Board
See Full Policy:Flag Display
See Full Policy:Fraud and Fraudulent Activities
See Full Policy:Historically Underutilized Businesses
See Full Policy:Inclement Weather - Sanding
See Full Policy:Inclement Weather, Emergency
See Full Policy:Jeanne Clery Act Reporting
See Full Policy:Legal Review & Signature Authority for Contracts & Agreements
See Full Policy:Memberships
See Full Policy:Precursor Chemicals and Apparatus
See Full Policy:Printing Services
See Full Policy:Printing University Stationery
See Full Policy:Procedures for Student Travel and Off-Campus Activities
See Full Policy:Radio Transmitters and Receivers
See Full Policy:Red Flag Identity Theft
See Full Policy:Sales, Solicitations, and Fundraising
See Full Policy:Special Parking Permits - Denton/Dallas Campus
See Full Policy:Tornado Procedures Adademic and Office Buildings
See Full Policy:University Seal
See Full Policy:University Tobacco Policy
See Full Policy:Visitor Parking Fees-Houston Ctr.

Hall, Amy (Human Resources)

See Full Policy:Advertising University Positions
See Full Policy:Americans With Disabilities Act Policy
See Full Policy:Drug and Alcohol Testing for TWU Drivers of Commercial Motor Vehicles
See Full Policy:Drug Free Workplace Policy
See Full Policy:Drug Free Workplace Procedures and Drug Testing Policy for Faculty and Staff
See Full Policy:Employment Eligibility and Verfication
See Full Policy:Employment of Staff Employees as Adjunct Faculty
See Full Policy:Faculty Sick Leave
See Full Policy:Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
See Full Policy:Grievance Procedures for Employees Related to Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972
See Full Policy:Non-Faculty Administrative Leave and Inclement Weather
See Full Policy:Reduction In Force (RIF) Non-Faculty Employees
See Full Policy:Return to Work - Non-Workers Compensation
See Full Policy:Return to Work TRS Retirees and TRS Care Surcharges
See Full Policy:Return To Work Workers Compensation Injury or Illness
See Full Policy:Selective Service System (SSS) Registration
See Full Policy:Sexual Harassment Policy
See Full Policy:Staff Attendance, Vacation and Sick Leave
See Full Policy:Staff Employee Promotions, Transfers & Demotions
See Full Policy:Staff Performance Management and Evaluations
See Full Policy:Supplemental Task Payment
See Full Policy:Volunteer Emergency Responder Leave
See Full Policy:Volunteer Participation
See Full Policy:Worksite Nursing Mother Policy

Hoebee, Dennis

See Full Policy:Anti-Virus
See Full Policy:Data Access Policy

Johnson, Harold

Jones, Trevor

See Full Policy:Analog Line
See Full Policy:Application Service Provider Security Standards
See Full Policy:Audit Vulnerability Scan
See Full Policy:Database Password
See Full Policy:Information Resources Accessibility
See Full Policy:Internet DMZ Equipment
See Full Policy:Risk Assessment
See Full Policy:Server Security
See Full Policy:Third Party Network Connection
See Full Policy:TWU Authentication
See Full Policy:Virtual Private Network
See Full Policy:Wireless Communication

LeFlore, Larry

See Full Policy:Graduate Council

Lerner, Barbara

Lothringer, Robert

Martin, Jennifer

See Full Policy:Academic Administrative Complaints and Appeals
See Full Policy:Academic Freedom
See Full Policy:Affiliated Faculty Appointments
See Full Policy:Assignments and Exams During Last Week of Classes
See Full Policy:Classes Scheduled on Weekends-Holidays
See Full Policy:Cost Sharing on Funded Projects
See Full Policy:Cost Transfers Involoving Sponsored Projects
See Full Policy:Courses in Shortened Format
See Full Policy:Definition of a Credit Hour
See Full Policy:Distance Education
See Full Policy:Export Controls Policy
See Full Policy:Faculty Consulting, Outside Employment and Conflicts of Interest
See Full Policy:Faculty Development Leave
See Full Policy:Faculty Responsibilities
See Full Policy:Faculty Retirement Teaching Option
See Full Policy:Faculty Standards of Conduct Corrective Action Guidelines
See Full Policy:Faculty Summer Salaries Paid from Grant and Contract Funds
See Full Policy:Fulltime Faculty Release Time for Educational Activities
See Full Policy:High Stakes Testing
See Full Policy:Honorary Degree
See Full Policy:Houston University Scheduling Policy
See Full Policy:Human Subjects Research
See Full Policy:Indirect Cost Recovery and Distribution
See Full Policy:Learning Management System
See Full Policy:Library Lending
See Full Policy:Nursing Student Drug Testing and Criminal Background Screening
See Full Policy:Office Space for Retirement Teaching Option/Emeritus
See Full Policy:Post Tenure Review
See Full Policy:Professional Ethics for Faculty
See Full Policy:Proposal Submission Policy
See Full Policy:Ranks and Titles of University Faculty
See Full Policy:Research Misconduct
See Full Policy:Responsible Conduct in Research Training
See Full Policy:Salary for Administrator Returning to Faculty
See Full Policy:Scheduling of Videoconferences
See Full Policy:Study Abroad
See Full Policy:Subrecipient Monitoring Policy
See Full Policy:Substantive Change
See Full Policy:Summer School Employment
See Full Policy:Time and Effort Reporting for Federally Funded Projects and Projects with Cost Share
See Full Policy:University Policy Formulation and Implementation
See Full Policy:University Program Fee
See Full Policy:University Scheduling Policy

MendezGrant, Monica

Moustakas, Matthew

Neely, Robert


Placido, Robert

See Full Policy:Acceptable Encryption
See Full Policy:Application Service Providers
See Full Policy:Computer and Software Acceptable Use
See Full Policy:Extranet
See Full Policy:Router Security
See Full Policy:Technology Governance

Potynski, Malinda

Romo, San Juanita

See Full Policy:Open Records

Speed, Heather

See Full Policy:Student Newspaper-Lasso

Stankey, Michael

Sweeten, David

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