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Acceptable Encryption
Analog Line
Application Service Provider Security Standards
Application Service Providers
Audit Vulnerability Scan
Alumni Database Use Policy
Academic Administrative Complaints and Appeals
Academic Freedom
Affiliated Faculty Appointments
Assignments and Exams During Last Week of Classes
Advertising University Positions
Alcoholic Beverages
Alterations changes to Real Property
Americans With Disabilities Act Policy
Assignment of University Vehicles to Employees
Automatic External Defilbrillator (AED) Policy


Background Investigations, Employment and Credential Verifications and Reference Checks
Bloodborne Pathogens


Computer and Software Acceptable Use
Classes Scheduled on Weekends-Holidays
Collaborative Arrangements
Cost Sharing on Funded Projects
Cost Transfers Involoving Sponsored Projects
Courses in Shortened Format
Campus Access for People With Disabilities
Campus Mail Service
Cellular Communications
Classroom and Unstaffed Lab Security
Contract Workforce
Contracting with Current, Former or Retired Employees
Continuing Education-Noncredit Instruction


Data Access Policy
Database Password
Definition of a Credit Hour
Distance Education
Disposition of Surplus Property
Drug and Alcohol Testing for TWU Drivers of Commercial Motor Vehicles
Drug Free Workplace Policy
Drug Free Workplace Procedures and Drug Testing Policy for Faculty and Staff
Drug Policy and Appeal Procedures


Establishment of Advisory Boards
Establishment of Advisory Councils
Establishment of Endowed and Named Professorships
Employing Faculty Residing Outside of the State of Texas
Export Controls Policy
Emergency Building Lock-Down Policy
Emeritus Staff
Employee Moving Expenses
Employees Taking TWU Courses
Employment At Will
Employment Eligibility and Verfication
Employment of Staff Employees as Adjunct Faculty
Establishment of Endowed Lectures
Ethics Policy for Employees
Extended Leave


Faculty Compensation Policy
Faculty Consulting, Outside Employment and Conflicts of Interest
Faculty Development Leave
Faculty Responsibilities
Faculty Retirement Teaching Option
Faculty Standards of Conduct Corrective Action Guidelines
Faculty Summer Salaries Paid from Grant and Contract Funds
Financial Conflict of Interest in Research and Sponsored Projects
Fulltime Faculty Release Time for Educational Activities
Facilities Management Project Review-Approval Process
Faculty Sick Leave
Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
Financial Reporting to the Board
Flag Display
Fraud and Fraudulent Activities
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
Free Speech Areas


Graduate Council
Grievance Procedures for Employees Related to Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972
Guidelines for Centers and Institute


High Stakes Testing
Honorary Degree
Houston University Scheduling Policy
Human Subjects Research
Hiring Temporary, Non-Faculty, Non-Student Employees
Historically Underutilized Businesses
Holiday Schedule
Houston Flood Procedures
HIPAA Policy


Information Resources Accessibility
Internet DMZ Equipment
Indirect Cost Recovery and Distribution
Instructional Enhancement Policy
Inclement Weather - Sanding
Inclement Weather, Emergency
Interim Pay for Professional and Administrative Staff
Involuntary Withdrawal


Jeanne Clery Act Reporting


Key Control


Leave of Absence and Leave Without Pay
Legal Review & Signature Authority for Contracts & Agreements
Library Lost, Damaged and Overdue Materials
Longevity Pay


Military Leave
Motorized Cart Operations


Non-Discrimination and Equal Opportunity and Diversity
Nursing Student Drug Testing and Criminal Background Screening
Nepotism-Employment of Relatives
Non-Faculty Administrative Leave and Inclement Weather


Open Records
Office Space for Retirement Teaching Option/Emeritus
Occupational Environmental Health Safety
Off-Campus Use of University Property
Overtime-Compesatory Time for Exempt and Non-Exempt Staff


Policy on Naming Events
Post Tenure Review
Professional Ethics for Faculty
Proposal Submission Policy
Precursor Chemicals and Apparatus
Printing Services
Printing University Stationery
Procedures for Reporting Fires to State Fire Marshal
Procedures for Student Travel and Off-Campus Activities
Protecting Confidentiality of Social Security Numbers



Risk Assessment
Router Security
Records Management Email
Records Retention
Ranks and Titles of University Faculty
Research Misconduct
Responsible Conduct in Research Training
Radio Transmitters and Receivers
Red Flag Identity Theft
Reduction In Force (RIF) Non-Faculty Employees
Return To Work Non Workers Compensation Injury or Illness
Return to Work TRS Retirees and TRS Care Surcharges
Return To Work Workers Compensation Injury or Illness
Risk Management
Rental of Facilities for Non-University Sponsored Events
Reporting Student Death Guidelines


Server Security
Salary for Administrator Returning to Faculty
Scheduling of Televideo Courses and Videoconferences
Search and Selection for Faculty
Study Abroad
Subrecipient Monitoring Policy
Substantive Change
Summer School Employment
Sales, Solicitations, and Fundraising
Search and Selection for Staff
Selective Service System (SSS) Registration
Sexual Harassment Policy
Sick Leave Pool
Special Parking Permits - Denton/Dallas Campus
Staff Attendance, Vacation and Sick Leave
Staff Employee Performance Management and Evaluations
Staff Employee Promotions, Transfers & Demotions
Staff Rehire-Reapplication Policy
Supplemental Task Payment
Scheduling University Events or University Co-Sponsored Events
Student Newspaper (The Lasso)
Students with Special Needs


Third Party Network Connection
TWU Authentication
TWU Channel 32 Program Guidelines Policies Procedures
Time and Effort Reporting for Federally Funded Projects and Projects with Cost Share
Time Reporting-Faculty, Staff, GA and Hourly Employees
Tornado Procedures Adademic and Office Buildings
Training and Development


University Policy Formulation and Implementation
University Program Fee
University Scheduling Policy
University Seal
University Tobacco Policy
Use of Space-Dallas
Use of Space-Houston Institute of Health Sciences


Virtual Private Network
Vehicle Operations Policy
Visitor Parking Fees-Houston Ctr.
Voluntary Benefits
Volunteer Emergency Responder Leave
Volunteer Participation
Visitation and Guest University Housing


Wireless Communication
Workplace Wellness and Exercise Program Policy
Worksite Nursing Mother Policy




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