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The following guidelines apply to all faculty and staff positions
(excluding temporary assignments and student based employment).

Recruiting and Selection Guidelines

Texas Woman’s University’s Workforce Diversity Plan for Recruiting and Selection addresses statutory requirements such as the Civil Rights Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Texas Commission on Human Rights Act, and the State Appropriations Act. These ensure equal employment opportunity for all applicants, uniform reporting procedures, and compliance with federal and state laws and regulations.  

For additional information concerning recruitment and selection procedures and forms please review the TWU Search and Selection Handbook for all Faculty and Staff.

The Accountability Statement referenced in Section II Handbook Policy Statements will apply.
A Workforce Diversity Plan Hiring Evaluation Checklist must be completed and submitted prior to an offer being made.

Operational Definitions:

  • Diversity:    the entire range of differences between and among groups
  • Inclusion:     an organizational cultural trait that values and leverages diverse perspectives 
  • Equity:         applying equal treatment to all; fairness
  • Access:        granting entry 

Tips on conducting an inclusive selection process:

  1. Equity is determined by two factors: the consistency between the job description and the actual assessment criteria applied; and the consistency with   which all applicants received the same treatment.
  2. The degree to which the selection process has been inclusive depends on
    • A broad distribution of the position announcement;
    • The diversity of the applicant pool;
    • The willingness to expand the range of experiences accepted as evidence of future success;
    • A conscious commitment to focus the assessment of each candidate against only the established criteria thereby minimizing the occasion to make/add assumptions.
    • Hearing and leveraging diverse perspectives during the assessment process.
  3. Actively recruit for inclusion.
    • Target the recruiting approach to reach a diverse, qualified pool of applicants.
    • Apply appropriate recruiting efforts to offset the challenges presented by this position.
    • The ultimate recruiting goal:  a large, diverse, highly qualified applicant pool.
  4. Develop specific departmental selection criteria to add to the Applicant Selection Matrix (available online and through the Office of Human Resources) using the published qualifications and the job description for the position.  Complete this prior to review of applications. 
  5. Ensure equitable treatment of all applicants. Assess all applicants against the same standard. Extend the same opportunities to all applicants.

Workforce Diversity Plan for Recruiting and Selection

Process Review:

  • Follow the process as outlined in the “TWU Search and Selection Handbook for all Faculty and Staff”
  • Allow ample time for review.
  • Communicate early and often with the Office of Human Resources – we’re here to help.
  • Review the “TWU Search and Selection Handbook for all Faculty and Staff” regarding the Applicant Selection Matrix form and other important Recruitment and Selection process steps as many are intertwined with the Workforce Diversity Plan.
  • A completed Workforce Diversity Plan Hiring Evaluation Checklist must be submitted to HR prior to the offer of employment being made.  For convenience, the hiring official/Search Committee Chair may submit this form at the time a background check is requested for the final candidate.

Equity Review:

  • Hold all applicants to the same standard
  • Use criteria listed in the job description
  • Make judgments consistent with the criteria when assessing applicants

Access Review:

  • Consciously examine bias and assumptions associated with the recruitment and selection process.
  • Make a commitment to find a large, diverse pool of qualified candidates
  • Create a job description likely to yield a wide and inclusive pool of candidates.
  • Develop a broad description of scholarship, experience, education and disciplinary background – rather than narrow.
  • Develop an aggressive and comprehensive recruitment plan that uses multiple recruitment strategies, focusing on personal networking and targeted mailings.

Diversity Review:

  • Base recruiting and screening process on departmental needs and assessment of job requirements.
  • Expand the evaluation criteria to encompass the greatest degree of exposure to a diverse community.
  • Prior to the actual screening, determine the evidence you are willing to accept as proof that candidates meet the posted criteria. 

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