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Hiring Managers/Supervisors and Members of the Search Committees: 

Your hiring objective is to select the candidate that is best suited for the job. You are encouraged to make every effort to fill this position with a minority candidate that is best suited for the job. As the hiring manager/supervisor or member of the search committee, your efforts are key to the implementation of the hiring goals of the TWU Affirmative Action Plan.

The 76th Legislature has replaced the requirement for Affirmative Action plans with a requirement to have a Recruitment Plan based on a workforce availability analysis. The Texas Commission on Human Rights monitors state agencies to determine recruitment plans compliance with the TCHR Act.

An affirmative action plan in employment is a road map for remedying the current effects of past discrimination in the work place. Such a road map generally includes goals, objectives, implementation strategies, timetables and progress reports. Based on a properly constructed workforce utilization analysis statistically demonstrating the current effects of past discrimination, narrowly tailored procedures may be included in an affirmative action plan that provides preference to otherwise qualified applicants of excluded classifications within specific job classes where no less discriminatory alternative is available and all other factors are equal or substantially equal.  Such narrowly tailored procedures must be discontinued when the current effects of past discrimination have been eliminated. Also, there must be a legislative finding based on a properly conducted workforce utilization analyses that there are the current effects of past discrimination if preference for certain classes of individuals is included as a strategy in an affirmative action plan.

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